The 5 Creatures That Can Be the Most Damaging to Your Home and Why

The 5 Creatures That Can Be the Most Damaging to Your Home and WhyHomeowners in many regions constantly have to deal with the nearby animal populations, which can be quite dense particularly in wooden suburban and rural areas. When they are not tripping over trash cans or tearing up gardens, these creatures try to work their way into attics, basements, sheds, and garages looking for a warm place to nest. Birds and animals have caused thousands of dollars in property damage while searching for a nesting place. That’s why it is recommended that you have a practical prevention strategy in place.

Here are 5 creatures that can be the most damaging to your home and why:


Racoons are usually attracted to houses that unintentionally offer them food source e.g. loosely sealed garbage cans, pet food, bird feed, etc. Generally, these annoying rodents’ nest inside attics once they find a dislodged shingle or dig through a small opening. They are known for chewing on electrical wires and tearing up insulation, which presents a serious fire hazard.


These creatures can be a massive pain for homeowners, as their strong teeth allow them to rip apart your insulation, pry up asphalt shingles, and chew through wood. Their teeth are constantly growing, so they gnaw on whatever they can find in order to keep them trimmed, which can lead to significant problems if they find their way into your home.


There are many species of birds that may cause issues for your roof e.g. starlings, pigeons, house sparrows, woodpeckers, etc. Pigeons particularly can wreak havoc on your roof and damage your solar panels (if they are installed). These birds nest on roofs in large numbers. Bird droppings can also be harmful as they contain uric acid that can corrode roofing materials leading to disintegrations of shingles. Their nests are made of twigs, sticks, and other debris that can make your downspouts and gutters their common roosting areas. It is recommended that you pigeon proof your solar panels to protect your valuable investment from these birds.


Even though bats typically help reduce bug population around properties, they can also pose a great risk to your and your family’s health. These creatures gain entry into the building by clawing their way through shingles and turning small openings into larger holes. Bats can also create a mess in your attic leading to significant water damage.


Mice can lead to various issues if they make it inside your house. These creatures can squeeze into small holes in your decking or loose shingles, where they often build nests. Apart from certain health risks, mice can chew through pipes and wiring, dislodge insulation in the attic, and burrow into wooden framing of the property.

Learning about different animal species that may pose a risk to your health and your property’s structure is the best way to protect your home, as it can help you identify vulnerabilities and take appropriate preventive measures.


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