“I have seen solar panel production jump more than 20% immediately after solar panel cleaning, and regular maintenance helps preserve your solar panel warranty!”

Adam Fuller
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Solar Panel

We use only the highest quality pure reverse osmosis deionized water for solar panel cleaning. Environmentally friendly. Schedule your solar panel cleaning today!


Solar Efficiency

Regular monitoring of solar panel output and condition ensures your solar power system produces at top capacity AND saves money by catching minor issues early.



Rest easy knowing that birds, squirrels, and other pests are not nibbling your wires or nesting in your solar energy system. Our pigeon proofing/protective barriers protect your home.


Solar Panel

Careful, detailed visual inspection of your solar panel equipment prevents panel malfunction and keeps your solar energy system performing with high efficiency.

Keeping Southern California’s Solar Panels Powered

with phenomenal solar panel cleaning services

About Premier Solar Cleaning

Veteran Owned and Operated Serving Southern California

Premier Solar Cleaning, LLC is a veteran owned and operated solar panel cleaning company. We provide Commercial Solar Cleaning, Efficiency Checks, and Repair Consultations; as well as Residential Solar Cleaning.

Serving all of Southern California with phenomenal solar cleaning that saves you money, we have rapidly become an authority on solar panel cleaning, maintenance, and efficiency.

Why Solar Panel Cleaning?

Save Money and Produce More Energy

Solar panel cleaning is essential for maintaining optimal solar system performance.

Dust, grime, and environmental pollutants severely impact the efficacy of solar panels. In fact, studies have shown PV panel performance can degrade by 20% or higher without regular cleaning and maintenance.

Premier Solar Cleaning, LLC. is available to clean rooftop solar panel systems on your home or business, solar carports, and even large ground solar systems. Beyond just a simple cleaning service, our experts perform a visual inspection of the entire solar array to ensure everything is in good working condition.

Maintaining your Solar System

Save on your electric bill and the cost of solar panel cleaning with a regular maintenance plan



Quarterly Solar Panel Cleaning

Premier Service is a top tier quarterly package that provides you with the best value AND the highest power output!

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Tri-annual Solar Panel Cleaning

Advanced Service guarantees a minimal drop off in power output due to dirt build up and keeps unwanted pests away.

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Bi-annual Solar Panel Cleaning

Standard Service cleaning ensures that your solar system is functioning properly and keeps your solar panels cranking out those kilowatts!

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Residential & Commercial Solar Cleaning Services

We Use Phenomenal Water for Phenomenally Clean Solar Panels.

Premier Solar Cleaning, LLC services all residential and commercial sites with owned or leased solar energy systems. To protect your investment, we use high-quality products that are specifically designed for safely cleaning solar panels. No corrosive chemicals, only the purest reverse osmosis deionized water. Our 3 stage filtered pure water is fed through an extension pole with a brush made specifically for solar panel cleaning and other high quality glass. Based on your particular needs, one-time cleaning and monthly maintenance programs are available.

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Want references? Just Ask!

I called Adam last minute and had him come out to clean my 13 panels and he showed up within 30 minutes. Super fast, super friendly, and does a very good job. My panels are so clean that i can see my neighbor's house in the reflection.

Norman S.Jurupa Valley, CA

The best part was that I IMMEDIATELY saw a 20% increase in production! I will be having him out every 6 months to clean my panels. I couldn't be happier. I highly recommend hiring Adam with Premier Solar Cleaning.

Jaclyn A.Downey, CA

Adam cleaned the panels and showed me before and after pictures. He also guaranteed that I would see improvement in the amount of energy the panels generate. This is a Veteran owned and operated company that I am very happy to recommend and support.

Janet S.La Habra, CA

Regular Solar Panel Cleaning Will Increase Solar Efficiency

Save your neck and your time and let us climb the roof for you!

The most cost-effective way to increase the efficiency of your solar electricity system is to have regular cleanings and inspections performed. Premier Solar Cleaning, LLC. uses the purest reverse osmosis deionized water to boost photovoltaic (PV) production by 20% or even more in some cases.

Keeping your panels clean and operating at maximum efficiency saves you money and by signing up for regular solar panel cleaning with Premier Solar Cleaning, LLC. you can save on the cost of keeping your solar system running with your loyalty discount!

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solar panel cleaning services
Clean solar panels have 20% or more increased power output!
We use pure filtered water and specialized equipment, never harmful chemicals or abrasives.
Let us do your dirty work and SAVE YOU MONEY!
Plus, we have really sweet vans!

Keeping Your Business Powered All Day Long

By Working Through The Night.

Solar Panel Cleaning Overnight Service is available for big box stores like Wal-Mart, Home Depot, and Ikea as well as for State and County government buildings, where auto and pedestrian traffic is a concern. We can clean your solar carports or other solar panel systems overnight when your facilities aren’t busy. So your daytime traffic never even knows we were there. That is unless they compare your pre- and post-cleaning meter readings!