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Army Veteran Adam Fuller

The Story of Solar Panel Cleaning

Adam Fuller And The Inception Of Premier Solar Cleaning, LLC

Premier Solar Cleaning, LLC was founded by Adam Fuller, a happily married father and an Army Veteran who served 7 years on active duty including a tour in Iraq in 2005. After being honorably discharged from the United States Army, he became a certified Toyota Mechanic and worked for Toyota for 5 years. But, Adam felt a calling to do something bigger.

Adam’s home came with solar panels already installed. When he had the solar installation company come out after his family moved in to start up the system and show him the ropes. He asked how to maintain them in order to get the most production and was told that occasional rainfall would be enough to keep them clean.

Adam had an app on his phone that monitored the output of his solar panels regularly and he began noticing a significant decrease in production after just a few months. After climbing his roof he couldn’t believe how dirty and spotted with hard water marks the panels were despite the rainfall. He cleaned them with a squeegee and saw an IMMEDIATE increase in production.

He cleaned all of his neighbors’ panels and noticed the same BIG gains in solar panel output. After some research and a few phone calls, Adam realized that most solar installation companies do not include routine maintenance or even ever return after the install. Premier Solar Cleaning was born.

Adam and his team now clean residential solar systems of just a few panels all the way up to large commercial solar arrays and ground mounted solar farms across Southern California and the southwest.

Adam Fuller, Owner of Premier Solar Cleaning

“I always had the idea of wanting to be my own boss and start my own business. I just wasn't sure what it was that I wanted to do. When I noticed my solar panels generating nearly 20% more power after I cleaned them I knew I was onto something big!”

Adam FullerOwner

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