5 Reasons to Keep Pigeons Far Away from Your Solar Panels

5 Reasons to Keep Pigeons Far Away from Your Solar PanelsInstalling solar panels is a great way to cut your electricity bill. Theoretically, solar panels need little maintenance. And since there are no moving parts, the panels are resistant to breakdowns. However, pigeons and other birds can increase solar panel maintenance needs and costs as well as cause many other problems. That’s why keeping them away from your panels is very important.

Here are 5 reasons to keep pigeons far away from your solar panels:

Damage to Solar Panels

Pigeons living and nesting under your solar panels leads to extensive damage. These birds tend to perch and rest on the solar system equipment, which damages your panels as they may excrete and even scratch the surface of your panels. This reduces your panels’ life. Furthermore, pigeon nests and the layers of waste under your solar panels attract rodents. Rodents can chew through the electrical wiring of your solar panels. As a result, your panels may no longer function and the damage may also lead to electrical fires. Because of these reasons, it is important to keep these birds far away from your panels.

Reduced Solar Panel Output

Depending on the extent of it, pigeon droppings on top of your panels can reduce their efficiency. The effectiveness of the panels is hindered and their ability to produce optimal levels of power is greatly reduced. Apart from this, the droppings can also cause corrosion on your solar panels’ surface leading to decreased life of your solar panel system, not to mention the risk of permanent damage. To protect your investment, it is highly recommended that you pigeon proof your solar panels.

Increased Maintenance Cost

Pigeon nesting around or under the solar panels may damage the panels and their cables. And pigeon droppings on the panels lead to reduced solar panel output. Because of the increased risk of damage and low efficiency, you may need to perform cleaning and maintenance of your panels more frequently. Additional maintenance means increased overall solar panel maintenance cost. So, you should work with a pigeon proofing company to keep the maintenance costs low.

Health Issues

Pigeon droppings are known to have bacteria that cause various health issues. So, the pigeon nesting under or around your panels would mean that you and your family would have to incur additional health costs as you may get sick because of it. That’s why it is extremely important that you get rid of pigeon nesting the first instance it is spotted and pigeon proof your panels to make sure that it never happens again.

Damage to Property Value

Since solar panels reduce electricity costs, they are a great addition to your property. The installation of these panels increases your property value. However, this value is greatly reduced due to pigeons making nests and claiming your panels to be their home as when this happens your property is reckoned to have a chronic pest problem. Pigeon proofing your panels not only protects your solar panels but also the overall value of your property.


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