5 Spring Cleaning Maintenance Tips for Your Solar Panels

Spring-cleaning-maintenance-tips-for-your-solar-panelsWhen it comes to spring cleaning, your solar panels should not be overlooked, as keeping them in clean condition ensures they continue to work to maximum solar efficiency.

The long winters often lead to a lot of dirt and grime build up on your solar panels, while those living in warmer climates still need to deal with accumulation of dirt and other issues that can impair solar panel efficiency.

No matter where you live, it’s recommended to clean solar panels at least a few times each year to keep them in top condition. There’s no time like the present of course, so let’s look at 5 spring cleaning maintenances tips for your solar panels:

Invest in a Solar Panel Cleaning Kit
While it’s certainly possible to clean a solar panel using conventional cleaning supplies like an old rag or paper towels, most typical cleaning supplies aren’t equipped for the unique challenge of cleaning a solar panel.

Therefore, it’s highly recommended to invest in a solar panel cleaning kit. These are very affordable and give you everything you need to efficiently clean your solar panels, including special cleaning detergent, cleaning brush, and a squeegee to dry and remove excess soap and liquid.

They’re very convenient and give you everything you need for spring cleaning your solar panels, if you insist on doing it yourself.

Avoid Harsh and Abrasive Cleaning Supplies
If you don’t have access to a solar panel cleaning kit you can still do a great job cleaning with normal supplies – just make sure to avoid abrasive sponges and soaps. These are good for removing tougher stains but they risk damaging the surface of the panel, causing scratches that impair visibility and reduce efficiency.

So, always use a soft rag that has not been used to clean anything, while biodegradable soaps should be suitable for most panels. If possible, buy a specialized solar panel cleaning solution for the most efficient cleaning possible.

Check Manufacturer Instructions
This may seem obvious but many people forget to check the manufacturers instructions for cleaning their solar panels. There may not be any unique requirements but some solar panel manufacturers have specific recommendations for cleaning the panels, so don’t forget to check this prior to cleaning.

Hose Off Panels Before Cleaning with Soap
In many cases a good hosing does more than enough to remove the build up of dirt, dust, and grime that may accumulate on the panels. However, it’s always good to clean the panels to a very high standard to ensure they are at their working best.

So, it’s worth hosing off the panels before cleaning with a soap and rag (or your special cleaning kit), as this can remove any loose dirt and debris, meaning you won’t need to clean as thoroughly with the soap.

Be Careful on the Roof
If you cannot clean the solar panels from the ground and need to use the roof to reach, be sure to take extra safety precautions. Remember, the roof becomes immediately more slippery when cleaning due to all the water, so watch your step and even consider using safety ropes/harnesses.

For the best results and the lowest risk possible, it may be worth hiring a professional solar panel cleaning company to do all this for you. You will ensure that the job is done right, and you will avoid having to purchase all of the above mentioned items.


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