Keep Your Electricity Bills Reasonable at Christmas Time with These 6 Energy Saving Tips

Keep Your Electricity Bills Reasonable at Christmas TimeChristmas time usually sees a sharp rise in energy use throughout the home. This makes sense considering the colder weather requires more heating to be used, while all the Christmas lights, festive parties, and slew of new gifts all increase the amount of energy consumed over the holidays.

To keep your energy bills reasonable this Christmas, try using some of these six energy saving tips!

1. LED Lights
Switching out your old festive lights to newer LEDs is a simple and effective way to save energy at home this Christmas season. LED lights consume as much as 90% less energy compared to incandescent lights, so consider buying LEDs next time you replace your Christmas lights, lightbulbs, and other lighting around the home this Christmas.

2. Don’t Overuse Lights
Christmas lights set the festive mood but we’re guilty of overusing them in most homes. Instead of leaving the Christmas lights on all day, consider using a timer to help limit your use. Only use them at night time and try limit this to around six hours or less.

Also, make use of those festive lights around the home! When the tree and other Christmas lights are on, turn down the main lights to save energy consumption. Plus, it sets that perfect Christmas ambience for those cold winter nights!

3. Keep the Warmth In
Christmas always sees more use of the thermostat, which is understandable given the colder weather, but it’s possible to remain warm indoors without constantly cracking the heater up.

For instance, try draft-proofing windows and doors to better retain heat, keep furniture and Christmas decorations away from radiators so heat isn’t blocked by anything, and dig out that ugly sweater to keep you warm.

4. Manage Your Oven
With all the food being prepared for Christmas day and festive parties, electric bills often skyrocket. However, there are a few tricks to keep in mind so you don’t need to overwork your oven during the holidays.

For example, try cooking several items at one time for more efficient use of the oven. Also, you can crank down the heating in the kitchen when the oven is on, as the heat produced should keep the room nice and warm.

5. Hand Wash the Dishes
With so much food and drink to be enjoyed it’s inevitable that you’ll be dealing with lots of dirty dishes. Instead of using the dishwater every waking hour, try to get most of the dishes washed by hand! It’s a simple but effective way to lower electricity consumption.

6. Bring out the Boardgames
It’s easy to get carried away with all the Christmas entertainment. Movies, video games, Netflix binges – there’s a lot of entertainment that cranks up your electricity bills over the holidays!

Rather than constantly using electronic devices, why not try some old-fashioned festive fun with the family? Bring out the old board games and puzzles for family fun – even a few evenings with less electronics makes a big difference.

You can still watch your favorite movies and TV shows, but why not get the entire family together to watch it? It gives a chance to turn off a few devices to lower energy use while enjoying more time with the family.


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