It’s Good to Inspect These Four Things Around Your House While Removing Your Christmas Decorations

It’s Good to Inspect These Four Things Around Your House While Removing Your Christmas Decorations

its-good-to-inspect-these-four-things-around-your-house-while-removing-your-christmas-decorationsNothing quite sets the festive mood more than a home full of Christmas decorations. Whether you like to set up a tree and some ornaments here and there or convert your home into a winter wonderland, putting up Christmas decorations is a tradition for many homes across the country.

While putting up the decorations is always fun, the same can’t be said for taking them down, but it’s a necessary chore that we must endure!

Removing Christmas decorations around the house is rather straight-forward albeit a time consuming process. Taking the time to do it properly is always a good idea, as it gives you the opportunity to inspect things around the home that may be affected by the placement of Christmas decorations.

Let’s take a closer look at 4 things you should inspect around the home when removing Christmas decorations:

1. The Roof

For anyone using a lot of outdoor Christmas lights and decorations, it’s always going to be a long day taking them down. However, it’s always a good idea to inspect your roof while up there taking things down. Check for any signs of winter damage to the roofing, and inspecting the rain gutter is also recommended.

2. Solar Panels

Should you be removing decorations from the outside of your house and have solar panels, it’s also a good idea to insect their condition while you are up on the roof. Solar panels should be regularly cleaned, as dirt and debris lower their effectiveness.

Also, look out for any signs of nesting, as various species of birds such as pigeons make nests among solar panels. Make sure the wiring for the solar panels are undamaged, while checking to see if they are stable and in the correct position.

3. Flooring

The Christmas tree is one of the main pieces of décor for the festive season, usually being in your home for several weeks. While this certainly sets that Christmas mood at home, it can also be a bit of a nightmare for your flooring, although this shouldn’t be an issue if your tree is artificial.

Water and sap may end up damaging or marking your flooring if you haven’t prepared it before putting the tree there, so be sure to look for signs of damage. The tree’s needles may even cause marks on hardwood flooring – make sure to check for this too!

4. Walls

Adorning the walls with decorations is part of what creates that perfect Christmas look, but always make sure you inspect your walls after you remove the decorations. Taping and tacking decorations to the walls may result in superficial damage to the paintwork, wallpaper, or drywall, so it’s worth looking closely for signs of wear and tear.

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