5 Ways to Reduce Your Home’s Energy Costs

5 Ways to Reduce Your Home’s Energy Costs

5-ways-to-reduce-your-homes-energy-costsAverage households spend thousands of dollars every year on energy bills. As a result, energy bills are among the costliest expenses for a family, so by taking the time to reduce your energy usage you can save an impressive amount annually.

Not everyone is aware of how to best keep energy bills down however. Check out these five ways to reduce your home energy costs:

1. Invest in Renewables

There are many great renewable energy sources worth investing in, but none are more suitable for everyday homes than solar panels. Easy to install for a minor investment, solar panels convert sunlight into energy that can be used to power things around your home.

After the initial investment for the panels, all the energy gained from a solar panel is entirely free, meaning your energy consumption will naturally decrease. This saves a surprising amount of money each year – just remember to keep solar panels clean to ensure they work at maximum capacity!

2. Consider Energy Efficient Appliances and Systems

Next time you require a new appliance, such as washing machine or dryer, consider buying an energy-efficient model as a replacement. Energy efficient appliances consume less energy so will contribute towards reducing your bills.

Of course, doing this for all appliances isn’t viable as it will simply cost a fortune. Instead, any time you need to replace an old appliance, always ensure your replacement model comes with energy efficient ratings.

Over time, all your old appliances will be replaced with energy-efficient models, possibly saving you hundreds in energy costs every year.

3. Reduce the Thermostat

It sounds simple because it really is – turning down the thermostat reduces your yearly energy bills. For instance, even lowering the thermostat by a single degree may save you close to $100 each year, so it’s certainly worth trying out!

4. Don’t Forget About Standby

Many devices around the home are left on standby when they could be turned off at the source. While many people think this doesn’t save much money on energy costs, it certainly does, especially if you have multiple devices constantly on standby.

Video game consoles are a big culprit here, as too are television sets and computers. So, while standby mode may be more convenient, it may be racking up quite the energy bill!

Be sure to turn off as many electronics as possible from the power socket. If possible, group these devices together using a single power strip, as this saves the hassle of turning off devices from several points around the home.

5. Get New Lightbulbs

Did you know that a single energy-saving lightbulb has the potential to save you more than $100 in energy costs compared to a traditional light bulb?

For instance, an LED lightbulb has as much as 25,000 hours of power, which is a fair amount more than your traditional light bulbs, which only offer around 1,000 hours per bulb.

So, by simply replacing all your light bulbs with energy-efficient replacements, you could end up greatly reducing your energy costs over the long term. Plus, these newer lightbulbs have never been cheaper, so they basically pay for themselves!

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