You Should Especially Get Your Solar Panels Cleaned During These 4 Times of the Year

You Should Especially Get Your Solar Panels Cleaned During These 4 Times of the YearInstalling solar panels allows you to take advantage of the sun’s energy in the most efficient way possible. Solar panels collect the sun’s rays and convert them into energy. The more sunlight the panels are exposed to, the better the energy generation. That’s why it is important to get your panels cleaned on a regular basis. Cleaning your panels regularly helps you extend their life and get the most efficiency out of them. Most manufacturers recommended cleaning your panels at least twice a year and the best times to clean them are late spring and late fall. However, depending on your location and other factors, you may need to clean them more often.

Following are 4 times of the year when you should especially get your solar panels cleaned:

1. Late Fall
The late Fall months are a prime time to get your solar panels cleaned before the lead-up to winter. It is recommended that you scrub off any debris and dirt and give your panels a good clean. You can do this by using a soft brush and warm water, or better yet utilize the services of a professional solar panel cleaning company. If you live in a snow-prone or alpine area, then you many want to invest in a special snow removal tool or brush in order to remove snow buildup from your solar panels.

2. Late Spring
The late spring is another favorable time of the year to clean your solar panels because the sun returns and the energy generation is boosted. Late spring is also a good time to perform annual solar panel cleaning because there is more pollution in the winter. Ice, snow, leaves, and dust are the common solar panel blockers. So, it’s a good idea to clean your solar panels in the late spring if you have been unable to clean them because of the colder temperatures.

3. After Summer
While late fall and late spring are the best times of the year to clean solar panels, in some areas it is beneficial to also clean the panels after the summer season. This is particularly important for regions with drier climate where dust can build up really quickly on the panels at the end of the summer season.

4. Special Circumstances
Apart from the above-listed times of the year, there are special circumstances when cleaning your panels becomes crucial. When you notice grime and dirt or a drop off in the amount of energy output, it’s a good idea to clean and freshen up your solar panels. Furthermore, bird droppings can also block sunlight, make your panels look unpleasant, and significantly reduce their efficiency. Thorough cleaning is a worthwhile investment in case of droppings on your panels.

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Final Thoughts
In conclusion, there is no specific frequency to follow when it comes to cleaning your solar panels. It all depends on how rapidly the panels accumulate dirt, your location, climate, and other such factors. Still, it is beneficial to have your panels cleaned at least twice a year. It would be a good idea to aim for professional cleaning by a reputable local solar panel cleaning service.


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