3 Ways to Make Your Solar Panels More Effective in the Wintertime

Make Your Solar Panels More Effective in the WintertimeGenerally, solar panels work just as effectively in wintertime as they do in summertime. However, their energy output is somewhat reduced. This is because the days in winter are relatively shorter as compared to the days in summer so the panels are not exposed to the same number of hours to sunlight in winter as they are in summer. Furthermore, the sky is often overcast during winter, this means that less amount of sunlight reaches the solar panels. Because of these two factors, the energy production of solar panels is somewhat reduced in the wintertime. Fortunately, there are ways to make your solar panels more effective in wintertime.

Following are 3 ways to make your solar panels more effective in the wintertime:

1. Select a Good Location for Positioning the Panels

Selecting a good location is very important when it comes to solar panels. It is recommended that you do a shading analysis when selecting a location for your panels. Make sure that no shadows fall on the panels, particularly during hours when sunlight is at its peak. To ensure this you will have to get into the habit of trimming the branches off trees in wintertime. By doing this, you will make sure that there is sufficient space for the sunlight to come through. It is recommended that you pay special attention to the trees that are on the equator side of your property because that is where your panels should be facing.

2. Angle the Panels in the Correct Tilt

Once you have positioned your panels in a good location, make sure they are oriented towards the sun. It is recommended that you turn your solar panels towards the equator because the sun shines straight downwards at the equator. You will have to consider your location for this. If your location is below the equator, then the orientation of your panels should be to the north and if it is above the equator, then your panels have to be facing south. At the equator, make sure that your panels are lying flat on their back. The tilt angle of your panels should equal the latitude of your area of the map.

3. Clean the Panels Regularly

Although you should clean your panels regularly throughout the year, keeping them clean and in tip-top shape is even more important in wintertime, especially if it often snows in your area. This is because when panels get covered by snow, their absorption of sunlight is inhibited. That’s why you want to make sure that the solar panels are cleaned regularly so that there is no accumulation of snow. It is recommended that you regularly check your panels for snow, animal droppings, and debris. Regular cleaning of solar panels will ensure maximum efficiency. It is recommended that you use the right cleaning methods and do the cleaning carefully so you can avoid damaging the panels in the process.

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