Make Sure You Get Your Solar Panels Cleaned, Especially During These Four Times Of The Year.

Make Sure You Get Your Solar Panels Cleaned, Especially During These Four Times Of The Year.

make-sure-you-get-your-solar-panels-cleaned-especially-during-these-four-times-of-the-yearSolar panels require cleaning throughout the year to ensure they function at maximum efficiency. Buildups of dirt and grime block out some of the sun rays that are powering the panels, so you always want to take the time to clean them, otherwise you could be losing out on valuable energy.

There are various ways solar panels can get dirty. From the birds living in your area to the overall climate, solar panels can get very dirty or only moderately dirt depending on where you live. As the solar panels work best when entirely unobstructed, make sure you get them clean, especially during these times of the year:

1. Pre-Summer

Always make sure you get your solar panels cleaned before summer starts. As summer sees the most amount of sunlight throughout the year, you want your panels working at maximum efficiency to make the most of the extended daylight, so get them cleaned by the end of spring to ensure they are ready for the sunny season – their efficiency could increase by up to 15%!

2. Pollen Season

Pollen isn’t just bad for allergies – it’s a nightmare for solar panels too!

While your panels won’t have itchy eyes and a runny nose, a high amount of pollen can create a layer across the surface of the panel, obstructing the amount of sunlight that penetrates. This will lower efficiency of the panels, so you should aim to clean them during pollen season.

As pollen seasons vary across the country, do some research to see when pollen counts are at their highest in your area, or simply see how bad your hay fever gets if you suffer from allergies!

3. Every Six Months

If you are unsure about how dirty your solar panels may be from the weather, animals, and other external influences, then simply go for the standard rule of thumb for cleaning them – once every six months. Now, this doesn’t guarantee they won’t get dirty and lose efficiency in those six months, but it should be frequent enough to keep them in working order for most of the year.

4. Breeding Season

An annual occurrence that sees countless wild birds coming together to mate, breeding season may be a problematic time for your solar panels. As birds are known to nest beneath panels, this time of the year may seem some unwanted guests living at your panels and covering them in excrement.

You don’t even need to have nests directly beneath the panels for this to be an issue either. For instance, if you live near a wooded area you may see an increase in birds during breeding season, many of which may fly over your home and leave droppings on the panels.

Check for bird mating seasons in your region, as it can differ depending on location, although most occur during spring. Keep an eye out for pigeons and jackdaws in particular as these are known to nest under solar panels.

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