5 Things You Can Expect When You Get Your Solar Panels Professionally Cleaned

5 Things You Can Expect When You Get Your Solar Panels Professionally CleanedDurability is one of the key benefits of solar panels. Solar panel systems generally come with 25-year warranty and can last for even longer. While the panels don’t need extensive care, occasional cleaning and proper maintenance can help ensure that they keep working optimally and last longer. Professional cleaning of solar panels is very important as it offers many benefits.

Here are 5 things you can expect when you get your solar panels professionally cleaned:

1. Financial Savings

Home and business owners install solar panels for two main reasons: to lower their utility bills and reduce their carbon footprint. When the solar panels work their best, they surely allow you to enjoy these key benefits. Unfortunately, these panels are bound to work less optimally over time because all kinds of dirty buildups (various debris, bird droppings, dust buildup, etc.) prevent them from working at their best.

While you cannot do much to stop these nasty buildups from accumulating on your panels, you can take certain steps to get rid of them. Professional solar panel cleaning is the most effective way to do just that. The financial savings of professionally cleaned solar panels are immediate. You can expect your panels to produce more electricity and hence save you a lot in utility bills.

2. Increased Efficiency

Solar panels create more energy the more they are able to absorb direct sunlight. Bird droppings, snow, debris, and dirt can build up on your panels and block sunlight. According to statistics, dirty solar panels loose up to 25% efficiency. Having your panels professionally cleaned helps ensure good power production and panel efficiency.pr

3. Hot Spots and Cracking Prevention

Built-up dirt on your panels can result in hot spots that may later develop into cracks. This occurs due to the fact that debris blocks the sunlight and hence gets heated, causing damage to the panels as well as decreasing their efficiency. By having your solar panels professionally cleaned, you can make sure that these hot spots and cracks are prevented in a timely manner.

4. Warranty Compliance

The warranty of your solar panels can be voided if they are properly maintained and cleaned. This is because the warranty may not cover improperly maintained or ignored panels without proof of regular scheduled cleanings. You can prevent this from happening by having your panels professionally cleaned on regular basis.

5. Extended Lifespan

Not only does professional cleaning of your solar panels help you make sure that the panels keep performing optimally, you can also expect the panels to have an extended lifespan. This is because the better shape the panels are kept, the longer they will last.

The Bottom Line

Solar panels are a valuable investment and with proper care, they are one you can rely on to pay off. Cleaning your solar panels can be a very tedious task that many homeowners don’t want to bother with. Thanks to professional solar panel cleaning companies, they don’t have to. These companies assume the responsibility of cleaning your panels and allow you to make sure that you receive immediate benefits that come from professional solar panel cleaning and maintenance.


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