4 Problems to Look Out for With Your Rooftop Solar Panels

4 Problems to Look Out for With Your Rooftop Solar PanelsSince there aren’t many parts required for a solar panel system to operate, there aren’t a lot of ways for the system to fail. This is the reason why solar panels can last for years. However, like everything else, there is room for certain problems, particularly if you have installed the panels on your rooftop.

Following are 4 problems to look out for with your rooftop solar panels:

1. Panels Building Up Dirt

Panels building up dirt is the most common problem that occurs with rooftop solar panels. From pollen and dust to leaves and other debris, there are lots of environmental elements that can reduce panel efficiency. Problems such as panels accumulating dust may seem minor, but they can significantly impact your system’s performance if you keep ignoring them. To ensure optimal solar system performance, it is recommended that you have your panels cleaned on a regular basis. While you can try to clean them yourself, it would be better if you let the professionals handle the task. This is because working with professionals lowers ensures the highest quality results and removes the risk of injuring yourself on a wet roof or a ladder.

2. Birds Nesting Under Solar Panels

Solar panels on the roof make for a perfect nesting spot for birds because the panels offer warmth and shelter. They are also an ideal protection from predators. The problem with birds nesting under solar panels is that it leads to your panels being covered in the droppings which results in reduced energy generation. This is a problem you will need to look out for if you want your panels to keep performing optimally. Periodically cleaning off bird droppings is recommended because ignoring them will lead to an unwanted mess forming on your panels which is not easy to clean and requires the assistance of professional solar panel cleaners. You should also consider installing barriers around your panels to prevent the birds from nesting under your solar panels.

3. Hot Spots

Hot spots are another common problem with rooftop solar panels. They can significantly reduce the power output of your solar panels and sometimes even render the panels irreparable. Hot spots usually occur when the solar panels overload or get too warm. They can also be caused by dirt and dust accumulation on the panels. Another cause is badly soldered connections which leads to low resistance to the panel’s power-generating components. If it occurs, it can not only decrease the panels’ performance but it can also lower their lifespan. Keeping your panels regularly cleaned is the first step to preventing hot spots.

4. Faulty/Damaged Wiring

Faulty/damaged wiring is another problem you should look out for with your rooftop solar panels. Like most other problems, faulty wiring results in lowered solar panel performance. Loose connections, oxidation, and corrosion are some of the things that can interfere with your panel’s efficiency. Apart from these, rodents can also cause damage to your panels by chewing the wires. You can prevent this from happening or at least keep damage to a minimum by setting up screens, squirrel guards, or wires alongside the panels.


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