4 Reasons Why You Need Pigeon Barriers for Your Solar Panels

4 Reasons Why You Need Pigeon Barriers for Your Solar Panels

4-reasons-why-you-need-pigeon-barriers-for-your-solar-panelsSolar panels offer a range of benefits for homeowners, from providing a constant source of renewable energy to increasing the value of the property. Better still, the cost of having solar panels installed is a fraction of what it once was, making it a viable investment for many.

One of the few drawbacks of having solar panels installed on your roof is pests. Various animals see solar panels as the perfect nesting conditions, providing them with a safe and secure location for their nest that keeps them away from both people and predators.

Pigeons are among the worst culprits for nesting under solar panels. They can reach most solar panels without issue, and as they prefer to nest as high as they can to keep them and their chicks safe, solar panels are the perfect choice.

The only way to effectively deter this issue is by installing special pigeon barriers onto the panels. Check below for four reasons why you need pigeon barriers for your solar panels:

1. Pigeon nests cause a lot of noise

The sound of pigeons scurrying along the surface of a roof is rarely quiet. From constantly taking off and landing to younger pigeons roaming around the roof, the noise they produce is certainly irritating for most homeowners.

In fact, it can even keep people up at night or wake them up in the early hours of the morning, which is understandably annoying. Pigeon barriers ensure they cannot access the majority of your roof at any time, removing any noise pollution they create.

2. Pigeons create huge amounts of mess

Pigeon droppings are the last thing anyone wants on their roof. As their droppings are highly acidic, pigeon feces may also cause damage to the surface of your roof, not to mention potentially damaging your solar panels.

This is only an issue when the droppings accumulate. Of course, solar panels offer the perfect coverage for pigeon nests, meaning their droppings are completely covered and likely to build up into quite the mess.

3. Droppings may decrease solar panel efficiency

Pigeon droppings don’t just cause an unpleasant mess on your roof, they also have the potential to ruin the efficiency of the solar panels. Droppings and dirt from pigeons nesting under the panels will likely build upon the surface of the solar panels, blocking how much sunlight they absorb.

This is certainly an issue as the last thing anyone wants is for their solar panels to be less effective because of pigeon droppings, so preventing their nesting habits ensures your solar panels remain unaffected.

4. Pigeons can cause gutter problems

Much like their droppings cause issues for the roof surface and solar panels, it also leads to problems with the gutter too. Buildups of droppings make their way into gutters causing blockages, which you will likely need to pay to have repaired, causing an unnecessary expensive and a lot of hassle.

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