4 Great Home Improvement Ideas to Use Your Stimulus Check For

4 Great Home Improvement Ideas to Use Your Stimulus Check forIf you are one of the many Americans that are eligible for the national stimulus check, then you might be wondering how to best use the money, with popular options including paying bills, buying groceries, and making a few improvements around the home.

The great thing about using the money for home improvements is that you don’t need to spend a lot of money for the best results.
Even a small amount goes a long way, giving the opportunity to improve various things around the home, whether it is adding something new, making repairs, or completing some much-needed maintenance.

Here are 4 great home improvement ides to use your stimulus check for:

Solar Panel Maintenance
Homeowners with solar panels benefit from having a renewable energy source, helping to save money on bills while doing their part for the environment.

However, solar panels require regular cleaning to ensure they work to maximum efficiency, so if your panels are overdue for a cleaning then this a great use of your stimulus check, ensuring your solar panels continue to save you money!

Another great way to maintain your solar panels is to bird proof them. Birds often nest underneath panels, leaving behind droppings that can reduce panel efficiency and create very unhygienic environments, while possibly damaging electrical components.

Bird proofing keeps unwanted visitors from nesting around your panels, ensuring they continue to work without any issues.

Gutter Maintenance
Your gutters play a vital role protecting your home, so it makes sense to invest some cash to ensure they keep doing their job! Gutters require regular cleaning, as build ups of debris like twigs, leaves, and stones can causes blockages.

Blocked gutters do not just sound annoying, they may cause extensive water damage to the walls and lead to pooling on the roof, which may lead to significant structural damage. All these problems require expensive repairs but you can avoid them entirely by cleaning the gutters.

Paint Inside or Outside
Painting is one of the most cost-effective home improvements you can do, making it an excellent use of your stimulus check without spending too much money. New paint not only looks great, it protects surfaces and may even help raise property value.

You can paint inside or outside depending on what you feel needs it most, with an exterior paint job being more labor intensive but also potentially adding more value to the property.

Painting indoors is a quick and easy way to revitalize drab rooms, whether it is adding a new feature wall, repainting cabinet surfaces, or a new coat of white paint on the ceilings.

Regardless, painting is easy to do yourself, and it will help pass some of the time stuck indoors.

Update an Appliance
When a home appliance is outdated it may be more cost-effective to replace it over the long term. So, by using your stimulus check for a new appliance you may see a good return on your investment over the year.

For example, you could swap out an old dishwasher or washing machine with a new appliance, with modern devices being more energy efficient, helping save money on energy bills.


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