Pigeon Problems with Your Solar Panels? Here are 5 Steps for Keeping Them Away

Pigeon Problems with Your Solar PanelsPigeons and other birds are known to be quite the pests when it comes to your solar panels. They love the natural coverage that the solar panels offer, resulting in issues such as unwanted nesting and an abundance of droppings on the panels.

While this may seem like just an annoyance, pigeons can cause all kinds of issues with your solar panels, from reduced efficiency to costly damage. Sick of pigeons causing problems with your solar panels?

Here are 5 steps for keeping them away:

Call in Professionals
Should you have a serious pigeon problem then it may be best to call in professional help. Solar panel cleaning companies regularly deal with pest problems effecting the panels, so they can come and resolve the issue you’re dealing with.

For example, a solar panel cleaning company can come and install pigeon barriers around the panels to prevent nesting and permanently keep them away. They’ll also clean away any droppings on the panels to ensure they return to maximum efficiency.

Roof Spikes
Despite being rather unsightly, roof spikes are an effective way to keep pigeons and other pests away from your panels. This is because the spikes make it very uncomfortable for the birds to walk around and nest on the roof, ensuring they keep well away.
Always take appropriate safety measures if installing anything on your roof – it may be a better option to call in a professional installation company to get these safely placed on the roof.

Bird Nets
Similar to roof spikes, bird nets can be installed along your solar panels to prevent access. These are designed to easily clip onto the panels so are quite simple to install, although getting a professional company to do so is best advised for safety reasons.
Nets aren’t the most durable, however. They’ll need replaced over time and may end up damaged from strong winds and stormy conditions. That said, they are very affordable and simple to install while being an effective barrier.

Install a Plastic Predatory Bird
Plastic predatory birds like an owl or falcon are a simple and somewhat effective way of getting rid of unwanted pigeons on your roof. Pigeons are afraid of many predatory birds, so adding a plastic model to your roof may keep them away for a while.

You can go for a basic plastic model or invest in a high-end model, with cool features like automatic head swivelling and other automated movements that make them appear very realistic.

Keep the Outside of Your Home Clean
Pigeons aren’t fussy when it comes to nesting but you can be certain that lots of easily accessible food is going to make your home even more appealing. For instance, if you leave bird feed or food scraps in the garden, there is a chance this is encouraging the pigeons to remain in the area.

Take the time to remove any food that pigeons may eat, keeping your bins securely shut in case they are feeding off scraps.


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