3 Ways to Prevent Your Solar Panels from Getting Cracked

3-Ways-to-Prevent-Your-Solar-Panels-from-Getting-CrackedThe photovoltaic module glass of solar panels is incredibly strong. It is a commercial grade tempered glass that is much more resistant to breakage as compared to normal glass. However, even though it is designed to withstand heavy use, it can get cracked. While solar panels don’t crack often, understanding what can compromise their integrity could help you learn about the different ways to prevent potential solar panel damage.

Following are 3 ways to prevent your solar panels from getting cracked:

1. Don’t Use a Hose to Clean the Panels

Despite its strength, the glass of solar panels is vulnerable to thermal shock. So, you need to be really careful with your timing when you want to use a hose to clean debris and dirt off your panels. Don’t wash the panels when the sun is high in the sky. Because even in the wintertime, the glass at that time of day will be hot enough to crack. If you must spray down your panels, then doing so in the evening or early morning would be preferable as modules at these times are cooler. However, if can avoid it, then it is recommended that you don’t use a hose to clean the panels at all, and instead get the help of a professional solar panel cleaning company.

2. Prevent Impact from Heavy Objects

Solar panels are sturdy enough to withstand hits from a stray rubber playground ball or frisbee. However, the solar module glass can break from the impact of a heavier object or an object traveling at a very high speed. So, you should warn your family about it and you should also ask the kids in your neighborhood to take their baseball game to the park. Furthermore, it would also be a good idea to keep any nearby trees trimmed because solar panel glass can get cracked from the impact of a falling branch.

3. Consider Weather Damage When Installing the Panels

Extreme weather events can crack the solar panels. While solar panels are tested and manufactured to withstand various weather elements, softball-sized hail has been known to break their glass. While this kind of damage is very rare, it can still happen. Unfortunately, you cannot prevent your panels from getting cracked because of weather damage, but you can take preventive measures when installing the panels to minimize the possibility. Installing smaller solar panels can reduce the damage caused during extreme weather conditions. Apart from this, contacting your insurance agent about this would also be a good idea as many homeowners insurance policies cover accidental damage or breakage because of an extreme weather event.

Final Word

While solar panels are very sturdy and durable, they can get cracked. Most panels are manufactured to withstand beatings from environmental and weather elements. But there are many factors behind solar panels getting cracked. The above mentioned ways will help you protect your panels however, if one of your solar modules does become cracked or broken, it is recommended that you practice caution and don’t touch or attempt to repair the panel on your own, as you could sustain a severe electrical shock.


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