Top 5 Ways to Reduce Energy Usage at Your Business

reduce energy usage at your businessWith the growing awareness of the impact of climate change and an understanding among businesses when it comes to cutting their energy use, taking action to cut the amount of energy used as well as the cost of utility bills has become more important than ever. Comparing the energy deals available from different providers should be the first step for businesses that want to pay less on their utility bills. There are many other ways to reduce energy usage.

Following are 5 of the top ways to reduce energy usage at your business:

1. Go Solar

More and more businesses nowadays are realizing the benefits of going solar. Not only does it help reduce energy costs, going solar also creates a better image of the business among clients because of the environmental awareness. While the initial cost of going solar may seem high to some, it is completely worth it. Furthermore, most solar installers offer pricing packages that roll in the several incentives from federal, local, and state programs. This makes the price of solar very attractive in some states.

2. Make Use of Recycled Products

Another great way of reducing your energy costs and usage is to make use of the recycled products available. It will also cut down the number of new products you purchase. Try purchasing recycled printer cartridges as they can be used again when they are empty, making them efficient not only for the business but for the environment as well. The use of recycled paper is another good option.

3. Use LED Lighting

Retrofitting your entire office or commercial building to LED lighting will save a huge amount of energy on an annual basis. The initial costs of replacing all lights with LED lights can mount up but this is a product that pays for itself in energy saved in the first couple of years. Not to mention that the estimated lifespan of LED light bulbs is higher than that of traditional lights. So, there is no reason not to switch to LED lighting. They are an ideal green investment for all businesses.

4. Use Hibernation Option on Computers

If your business relies heavily on computers, then it is highly recommended that you make use of the hibernation option on your computers. The hibernation feature really saves energy and can be put to use when the computer is not being used. It also allows you to pick up from the same point after a few hours. Have all the workstations in your building use the hibernate feature to reduce energy usage.

5. Maintain Good Airflow

Don’t make the heating and cooling system in your building work any harder than it must in order to keep your employees and customers comfortable. Walk around your facility and unblock all cooling and heating registers. It is also recommended to have your maintenance crew check for and repair any leaky ductwork. Make sure that the condenser coils are clean at the beginning and end of every season.

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