Maintain Your Solar Panels to Avoid Having These 3 Types of Problems

Maintain Your Solar Panels to Avoid Having These 3 Types of ProblemsAlthough solar panels can last a long time, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take proper care of them. Once installed, there are many things that can go wrong, especially if you don’t do routine maintenance checks. Because of this, it is very important that you perform routine inspections to make sure that your solar panels are working optimally.

Following are the 3 types of problems that you can avoid via regular maintenance of your solar panels:

1. Reduced Efficiency Due to Decreased Exposure to the Sun

Solar panels require full, bright sunlight in order to produce optimal power. Shadow as well as prolonged cloudy weather can affect the panels’ performance. When there is a lack of bright sunlight, the rate of voltage output is reduced. So, to make sure that the panels are producing energy optimally, you must install them on mounts that are angled towards the sun. But that’s not all; you will also need to make some adjustments on seasonal basis because the inclination of the sun changes throughout the year.

Apart from this, tall buildings and overgrown trees could block the rays of the sun. That’s why it is recommended that you perform routine maintenance checks and monitor these changes so you can make necessary adjustments to make sure that your panels receive enough exposure to the sun.

2. Wiring and Electrical Problems

Wiring and electrical problems are the most common with solar panels. It is recommended that you perform routine inspections to check the connections in your solar system. Check oxidation of the wires, corrosion, and loose connections as these problems could affect the performance and efficiency of your renewable energy source.

For example, corrosion increases the wires’ resistance, making them poor conductors of electricity. Loose wires on the other hand, become worse during very hot days. As a result, they can fail to transmit energy completely. Tighten any loose connections and replace the ones that are oxidized in order to make sure that your solar panels can produce the maximum amount of energy.

3. Reduced Power Output Due to Environmental Elements

Fortunately, rainfall does help when it comes to washing off dust, leaves, pollen, and any other loose debris collected on the panels during the rainy season. However, when these environmental elements are accumulated during dry seasons, you will need to clean the panels. Accumulated dirt can prevent enough sunlight from reaching the panels, hence causing reduced power output. To prevent this, you will need to perform regular inspections to see if the panel cleaning is required. You should contact a professional solar panel cleaning company for the best results.

Final Word

Routine maintenance of solar panels is crucial to make sure that they are performing optimally. If you ignore your solar panel maintenance, then it is likely that the above-mentioned problems will occur. If you find a problem during your routine inspection of the panels that you think you cannot handle, then it is recommended that you call the professionals. Never attempt any repairs or try to solve the issue if you are in doubt.


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