If You Have These Things at Your Home, Here Are 4 Reasons to Seriously Consider Going Solar

If You Have These Things at Your Home, Here Are 4 Reasons to Seriously Consider Going Solar

water heater savings with solarSolar energy is known to be a safe and clean power source. With a solar panel system, you can power literally anything. There are many advantages of going solar such as reduced environmental impact, lowered energy costs, etc. Because of these advantages, many homeowners are taking advantage of solar panels. There are many important parts of your home that you can power with solar panels and decrease the costs on your energy bills.

Here are 4 reasons to seriously consider going solar if you have these things at your home:

1. Ventilation System
The ventilation system in your homes includes your ceiling fans, floor fans, as well as bath fans. They are commonly used throughout the home to provide comfort particularly in the summer months. Since their usage time is higher than most other electrical components in your home, you can get significant benefit by using solar panels to power them. By connecting them with a battery powered by solar panels, you will cut down on the utility bills.

2. Indoor Lighting
A lot of homeowners nowadays are converting to using more efficient and eco-friendly energy by changing their indoor lightning. LEDs are suitable for indoor lighting as they are energy efficient and provide bright lighting. It is likely that you are already using LED lights in your home. So, by simply connecting them to a battery-charged system, you can save on your monthly energy bill. The battery-charged system is powered by solar panels. Since LEDs don’t consume much energy, you can use them throughout the night on battery. The backup battery is charged again when the sunlight is able to power through again.

3. Outdoor Lighting
You should consider going solar if you use outdoor lighting for security purposes. Not only do outdoor lights provide a clear view of the walkway area, they also act as a deterrent to intruders. You can save energy consumption of your outdoor lightning in two ways. You can either replace them with LED lighting and then connect your entire outdoor lighting to your solar system. Or you can replace them with outdoor solar lights such as solar flood lights or solar security lights. These lights use solar cells to convert sunlight into electricity. They store this electricity in their special batteries which then power the lights at night. There are few considerations when installing solar lights. First, they need to be installed in sunny locations. Second, you will need to consider your home’s landscaping as shade from buildings and trees can impact the charging and performance of solar lights’ batteries.

4. Water Heater
You probably have a conventional electric or gas-powered water heater installed in your home. Both types of water heaters consume a lot of energy. You can cut energy costs significantly by going solar and replacing your conventional water heater with a solar water heater. Your solar panels will power the water heater throughout the day, keeping your water at your desired temperature. Furthermore, you will also benefit from a specific federal tax credit which is available for using solar water heaters.

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