If You Have a Swimming Pool, Save Energy with these 3 Heating Tips

swimming pool energy savingsSwimming pools are a fantastic addition to any property, but there are certainly some setbacks from owning a pool. For one thing, they are a costly investment, although the value it adds to a property does cover this somewhat, while most pools are notoriously difficult to clean and maintain.

But an often-overlooked issue with a home swimming pool is heating it. Nobody wants to spend their time in a frigid pool, so heating pools are almost always necessary for most pool-owners, and this can get quite expensive.

With energy costs for heating a pool get higher and higher, there are ways to cut costs with these three heating tips:

Invest in Solar Pool Heating
The cost of heating a swimming pool is so high due to the amount of energy required, so you can save energy by investing in a renewable energy source, such as solar panels.

Solar pool heating can drastically reduce the amount of energy used to heat a pool when connected to the heating system, with only a minor investment required for panels and fees for water pumping. This means you can save a fair amount of cash and still enjoy perfect pool temperatures!

Know When to Run Your Heat Pump Pool Heater
A heat pump pool heater system uses the air to gather heat, meaning the time of the day you run the system can impact how much energy is used. For instance, running your heating system during the warmest portions of the day when the air temperature is the highest should help reduce energy consumption.

You may need to set the controls of your filtration system to operate during this specific time (as this is needed to keep the heater running), which will differ from location to location, as well as being influenced by the time of the year.

Avoid Evaporation
Evaporation is a big cause of heat loss in any pool, so taking steps to avoid evaporation is a must for keeping energy costs down and the temperature of the pool up. It’s easy enough to do with a pool blanket, which uses a vinyl cover across the surface area to help avoid evaporation.

They are often expensive however, although the money saved thanks to lower energy consumption could end up paying for it over the long term, so it’s certainly worth consideration.

Floating blankets are a much cheaper version worth buying too, being just as effective at avoiding heat loss from evaporation.
The main difference is that these aren’t as safe as pool blankets, which feature tracks and a motor to automatically roll out and be sturdy enough to hold the weight of a child or pet that may accidently fall into the pool. Blankets are simply left on the surface and have no tracks or motors, meaning there is no protection should someone fall onto them.

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