How to Clean Solar Panels

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Maintaining your Solar System

We only use professional solar panel cleaning equipment and the purest reverse osmosis deionized water when cleaning your solar system. We never use any detergents or abrasives to clean solar panels as this degrades and damages them by adding buildup and/or scratches that affect power output.

We don’t use metal objects or harsh abrasive products for removing caked on materials – scratching the glass on a solar panel can affect its performance because the scratches cast shadows over the photovoltaic (PV) cells.

Solar panel glass is generally high quality so only clean reverse osmosis deionized water and a little scrubbing will remove even the most stubborn grime. At Premier Solar Cleaning, LLC we use only pure, properly filtered water pumped through an extension pole with a SOFT brush attachment to ensure that no damage is caused to the glass and your solar panels are left sparkling, spotless and ready to crank out those kilowatts!

How Not To Clean Solar Panels

Solar Panel Manufacturers recommend against using chemicals or detergents to clean your solar panels as these leave behind a sticky microfilm that attracts more dust and grime decreasing their efficiency. Abrasives damage the glass and can even void the warranty of your solar panels. Tap water and rain will not keep solar panels running at maximum efficiency.

How Often Should You Have Your Solar Panels Cleaned?

To keep you solar electricity system working at maximum efficiency year round, we recommend quarterly cleaning. This ensures that everything is not only clean but in working order and free of pests. In areas with little dust, cleaning your solar panels every six months can be sufficient.

solar panel cleaning services
solar panel cleaning services
solar panel cleaning services
solar panel cleaning services


We use only the highest quality pure reverse osmosis deionized water which provides environmentally friendly superior cleaning power. Let us do the dirty work.


Regular monitoring of solar panel output and condition ensures your solar power system produces at top capacity AND saves money by catching minor issues early.


Rest easy knowing that birds, squirrels, and other pests are not nibbling your wires or nesting in your solar energy system. If they get cozy up there, they may move inside.


Careful, detailed visual inspection of your solar panel equipment prevents panel malfunction and keeps your solar energy system performing with high efficiency.

Keeping Southern California’s Solar Panels Powered

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