Get Your Solar Panels Cleaned After These 3 Types of Weather Conditions

Get Your Solar Panels Cleaned After These 3 Types of Weather ConditionsIn order to produce optimal power, your solar panels need to be exposed to sunlight. In most cases, solar panel cleaning is not required unless you live somewhere with high amounts of sand, dirt, dust, and smog blowing around. In normal conditions, occasional rain will be enough to safely and naturally keep your panels clean and free of dust, debris, etc. that could lower production.

However, if you live in an area with bad weather conditions, then you will likely need to freshen up your panels from time to time. There are many different weather conditions that can affect the performance and efficiency of your solar panels. Following are 3 particular situations after which you will need to get your panels cleaned:

1. Snowfall
Although a snow buildup on your panels won’t directly damage your panels, it can reduce their efficiency. Snow-covered panels are not going to generate the same amount of electricity as compared to those with direct exposure to sunlight. In some cases, it might take a few days after snowfall for your solar panels to clear themselves. However, if the snow is covering all or part of your panels and the weather conditions are particularly cold, you might need to have the panels cleaned to get rid of the snow buildup and restore their power generation capabilities.

2. Dust Storms and Windy Conditions
Just as with snowfall, you don’t have to worry about getting your panels damaged if you live in an area that experiences high winds. Solar panels are designed to withstand extreme weather conditions, including dust storms and windy conditions. However, you will need to check the efficiency of your panels after such weather conditions as flying debris is quite common in dust storms and high winds. If your panels are not performing optimally, you will likely need to have them cleaned and clear any obstructions off of them.

3. Smoky Conditions Caused by Fires
Wildfire and bushfire crisis can have best price at dramatic impact on rooftop solar energy output. Statistics suggest that the buildup of ash particles and dust on the panels can result in 30% production loss. Not to mention the smoke density in areas with fire hazards reduces the photons in the atmosphere which further negatively impacts the solar panel performance.

Because solar panels are more exposed to environmental elements, it is highly likely that you will need to clean them to improve their efficiency. To restore production levels of your solar panels, it is recommended that you hire professionals for this job.

No matter where you live, your solar panels will need cleaning from time to time. It’s only a matter of time and frequency. For instance, you might need to clean your panels every couple of months or so if you live in an area with lots of dust, pollen, etc. In other parts of the country, annual cleaning is more than enough. The above-listed are special conditions which will require you to clean your panels in addition to the intended cleaning schedule.


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