4 Reasons Why the Fall is Such an Important Time to Have Your Solar Panels Cleaned

solar panel cleaning in the fallSolar panels get dirty over time. There are several external influences that make a solar panel dirty and reduce its efficiency. These include environmental grime, dust, bird or bat droppings, chemical sprays, etc. It is recommended that you keep your solar panels clean so that their performance is optimized.

Although you should clean your panels every few months, the best and the most important time to have them cleaned is in the fall. As the fall season progresses, the days begin to get shorter and shorter. Since the summer sunlight surplus gradually slips away as the season progresses, taking extra precautions (e.g. cleaning the solar panels) is essential if you want your panels to operate as efficiently as possible.

Following are 4 reasons why fall is such an important time to have your solar panels cleaned:

1. Cleaning the Dust/Dirt Accumulated Over Summer

The dust and dirt that build up throughout the summer season could really affect the efficiency of your solar panels. Cleaning them at the start of fall season will do your panels a world of good. Apart from this, it will also prepare them for the winter season.

2. Boost in Production

Cleaning solar panels monthly may not be needed because they can operate with a little grime. However, cleaning them during the fall could help improve their efficiency and also boost production a little. You can use a garden hose to clean your panels if they are not really dirty. However, if this does not get the job done then use the services of a professional solar panel cleaning company.

3. Preparation for Shorter Days

By cleaning solar panels at the start the of the fall season, you make sure that they are prepared for the upcoming shorter days. The performance of solar panels in the fall is relatively lower as compared to summers when the atmosphere is generally hot and dry. The shorter days in fall and winter really plummet the output of your panels so you need to do everything you can to ensure they are performing optimally. That’s why cleaning them during the fall is very important.

4. Clearing Off Falling Leaves and Other Vegetation

Trees begin to lose their leaves during the fall season. Solar panels can keep performing well during this season as long as they are not covered in leaves and other vegetation. Even if you don’t have tall trees overhanging your home, there is no guarantee that your solar panels will stay leaf-free. If the falling leaves accumulate on the surface of your solar panels, they will obstruct them from collecting energy. That’s why it is a good idea to clean the leaves and other vegetation off of solar panels at least once a week during the fall season. You should also inspect the panels for any damage from falling debris or tree branches.

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