Doing Spring Cleaning in Your Home? Remember These 3 Things if You Have Solar Roof Panels

Doing Spring Cleaning in Your Home? Remember These 3 Things if You Have Solar Roof Panels

doing-spring-cleaning-in-your-home-remember-these-3-things-if-you-have-solar-roof-panelsSpring cleaning is one of the first things that comes to mind whenever someone mentions the spring season. Spring cleaning is a regular thing for many families around the world. It usually involves making sure that everything in the house is cleaned after the long winter months. And if you have solar panels installed on your roof, then taking care of them should be a part of your spring cleaning checklist.

During spring cleaning, remember these 3 things if you have solar roof panels:

1. Clean the Solar Panels

Cleaning solar panels from time to time is recommended, but if you have forgotten to do it or didn’t have enough time then spring cleaning is your opportunity to take care of them. When cleaning the panels, make sure that you don’t scratch the glass because this can affect the efficiency of the panels. It is recommended that you choose high quality solar panel cleaning products. Don’t use any kind of abrasive cleanser. Avoid detergent cleansers as well because they can also be problematic due to the fact that they can leave smudges and streaks that may be hard for you to see.

In order to take care of any dirt or oily residue, rub your solar panels with alcohol which is dissolved in water. Use a squeegee or soft cloth to wipe down the panels. You don’t need to shop for any specialized cleaning tools as the panels are made of glass and shouldn’t be difficult to clean with the methods mentioned above.  Better yet, you can hire the services of a professional solar panel cleaning company.

2. Preventive Maintenance is Essential

Spring is a great time for the preventative maintenance of your solar panels. You can either perform the inspections yourself or hire professional help to diagnose and address any issues.

A solar panel preventive maintenance should include the following inspections:

  • Roof drainage issues
  • Water damage or any other roof penetrations
  • Vegetation growth
  • Corrosion on the rack system or electrical enclosures
  • Proper expansion joints, bushings, and supports in long conduit runs
  • Exposed or loose wiring, or wiring contacting the roof surface
  • Excessive wear or cracking on the inverter
  • Signs of pest infestation
  • Discoloration, burn marks, or broken glass on panels
  • Erosion or corrosion of system supports
  • Missing bolts

3. Put Up Pigeon Barriers

Rooftop solar panels are a preferable environment for pigeons to nest and roost. Not only do panels offer them shade, but also security from predators. Installing a pigeon barrier is a recommended option to deal with this issue. Some people put pigeon barriers at the time of installing the solar panels. If you haven’t done this, then spring cleaning is the right time to do so.

Pigeon barriers as the name suggests, prevent pigeons from accessing the area beneath your solar panels. Solar panel pigeon barriers will protect your solar panels and wiring. They don’t affect the efficiency of the panels, making them a perfect physical barrier to keep pigeons and other birds from nesting in the area beneath your panels.

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