The 4 Different Styles of Rooftop Solar Panels

Different Styles of Rooftop Solar PanelsWhen it comes to making the leap to solar energy, the aesthetics issue can be a major hurdle for some homeowners. Regardless of how much money solar will save them, some homeowners simply will not consider it due to the fashion element. Therefore, aesthetic improvement of rooftop solar panels should be a top priority for solar panel manufacturers. In order to determine what makes rooftop solar panels beautiful, this article will look at the panel style options out there now, and what it is about them that could be considered beautiful or ugly.

Following are the 4 different styles of rooftop solar panels:

1. Silver Framed, White Backing, Wired
Most people who don’t like the solar panels aesthetically are likely referring to the old school panels that have tacky, raised up mounting, thick, aluminum frames, and white backing with wires clearly visible. Nowadays, solar panel manufacturers have greatly improved the style of solar panels from this old-school look. Any panels you see with this style are likely for commercial and utility-scale solar installations at this point. This solar panel style is powerful and cheap. The white backing of the panel reflects more heat, hence keeping the panel cooler and increasing efficiency. So, if you don’t care about the style and aesthetics and don’t have any heavy requirements, then this style of panels might be for you because it is cheap and very functional.

2. Black Frame, White Backing, Wired
Black framed, white backing solar panels are a step up from the old-school aluminum framed panels in terms of style. In contrast with the roof, the black frame of the panel makes it slightly less jarring. As a result, the panel looks a little sleeker and more discreet. The good thing about this style of panels is that it retains the lifted racking and white backing to keep the panel cool and retain efficiency while integrating the sleek black design, without too much of a cost increase.

3. Black Frame, White Backing, Wireless
If you like the style of black framed, white backing panels but are not a fan of wired panels, then you are in luck because wireless variants exist. They have all the great aspects of the wired variants, but they are relatively more efficient and sleek. A thing to note here is that this rooftop solar panel style is patented by renowned panel manufacturer SunPower. So, it is not a widely adopted look. Still, it is quite popular among many homeowners. They do have a higher price but they offer increased efficiency so the ROI makes up for the price.

4. Black frame, Black Backing, Wired
All-black panels are a newer rooftop solar panel style. Their frame, backing, and everything else is completely black. Because of this, they are very discreet and sleek. Wiring is only visible when you are up close. From the street, the panels look flat black. One major con of this style of panels is that it is less heat resistant as compared to white-backed panels, so you can expect relatively less efficiency. They are a good choice for you if you are looking to buy solar panels with a more modern look and don’t care much about relatively less efficiency.


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