Cleaning the Solar Panels on Commercial Buildings Can Save a Company Money in These 3 Ways

commercial solar panel cleaningAlthough solar panels are built to last and require little maintenance, it is still very important to take good care of them. Commercial solar panels especially, are a long-term investment so it is recommended that you keep them in great shape for years to come with proper maintenance and care.

When it comes to commercial solar panel maintenance, there isn’t much required to do as there are no moving parts in them that can deteriorate or malfunction. But they do require regular cleaning because the dirt and dust collected on them can compromise their efficiency and minimize their power output which could impact your business.

Following are 3 ways cleaning the solar panels on commercial buildings can save a company money:

1. It Reduces Your Building’s Operating Costs
A quick cleaning of the commercial solar panels from time to time is a good idea as it will make sure that they are producing optimum amount of power. According to studies, the annual production of solar panels diminishes 6-11% depending on dust and airborne pollutants like soot and smog. This percentage may not be as big of a deal for residential customers, but for a business, a 6-11% drop in production is a big deal and the only way to avoid this annual drop for the business is to make sure that the solar panels are regularly cleaned. Professional solar panel cleaning increases solar yields 6-11%, so it is very important.

2. It Ensures Reduced Energy Bills and Increased Production
Some would argue that cleaning commercial solar panels on a regular basis costs too much and is not worth it. That is not true because the evidence indicates otherwise. If solar panels on your commercial building are not cleaned regularly, their efficiency will decrease over time which will ultimately cost you. Not only does having your panels cleaned regularly help maintain your investment and your manufacturer’s warranty, it also ensures that they generate more energy which ensures reduced energy bills and increased production. In conclusion, the financial benefit you gain from increased production due to the optimal-performing solar panels greatly outweighs the cost of their professional cleaning and maintenance.

3. It’s Beneficial for Long Term ROI
Solar panels on your commercial building are a long-term investment that generate a return almost instantly. The benefits of having your panels cleaned and keeping them performing optimally are numerous. Increasing the efficiency and power output of your commercial solar system can greatly impact your energy bill savings. If you own commercial solar panels, then you will definitely be interested in obtaining the largest financial reward from them and seeing your ROI (return on investment) as soon as possible. Professional solar panel cleaning will help you do just that. Having dirty, less-efficient panels can severely impact your ROI timeline. On the other hand, by having clean, optimal-performing solar panels, you ensure increased production and reduced energy bills which in turn means greater ROI, sooner.

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