5 Reasons to Hire a Solar Cleaning Company Instead of Doing it Yourself

5 Reasons to Hire a Solar Cleaning Company Instead of Doing it YourselfSolar panels are a fantastic investment for homeowners, providing a lasting source of renewable energy that saves money over the long term. In fact, buying solar panels can save so much in reduced energy bills that they are likely to pay for themselves, providing they function at maximum capacity.

To ensure solar panels remain in top working condition you need to regularly clean them. How often varies depending on your climate and other factors, but in many cases, you only need to clean the panels three or four times a year.

While some people do this themselves, others choose to hire a professional solar cleaning company instead. This does cost more but there are a few reasons to hire a cleaning company rather than doing it yourself!

Improve Solar Panel Efficiency
When hiring a solar panel cleaning company, you are almost guaranteed to see an increase in solar panel efficiency after they are cleaned, with as much as 30% efficiency lost when panels are unclean. While you can clean them yourself, there is no guarantee you’re doing it to the best standards, which is exactly what you get when hiring professionals.

No Risks of Damaging the Panels
One of the big reasons to hire a professional cleaning company for solar panels is they use specially designed cleaning equipment that won’t damage the panels – this is never a guarantee when cleaning them yourself.

Special soft-bristles and non-abrasive cleaning equipment is needed to ensure no scratches on the panel surface, which can often happen when using standard cleaning supplies bought from the store.

Given the cost of your panels, you should always minimize the risks of damaging them, including hiring a professional cleaner.

Suitable Water is Used
Another overlooked aspect of cleaning solar panels is the type of water. Not all water is suitable for cleaning solar panels as certain mineral content may cause stains and marks to develop on the panels, possibly reducing their performance.

Cleaning companies will test local water supplies to determine how suitable it is for cleaning. If not, they can treat the water to ensure it is 100% safe to use on the panels with causing any issues.

The Right Cleaning Detergents
Much like it’s important to use the right cleaning tools to avoid damaging the panels, you need to use suitable cleaning detergents otherwise they could cause issues on the panels. This will never happen with a professional solar cleaning company as they are using industry-standard cleaning solutions designed specifically for solar panels.

Personal Safety
While you may have suitable cleaning supplies for your solar panels there are still safety risks when cleaning them. For example, panels fitted on high roofs and in awkward positions could be very risky to clean, with uneven surfaces, high winds, and other factors presenting massive safety risks for people on their roof.

Cleaning companies come with the proper equipment to safely reach the roof and remain there during the cleaning process. Why run the risk of injuring yourself when others can do it safely and without any problems?


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