4 Reasons It’s Bad to Have Excessive Pigeon Droppings Anywhere On Your Home

4 Reasons It’s Bad to Have Excessive Pigeon Droppings Anywhere On Your Home

4-reasons-its-bad-to-have-excessive-pigeon-droppings-anywhere-on-your-homeWhile pigeons may seem like harmless birds, their droppings can actually cause a lot of harm to you, your family, and your home. Pigeon droppings cause a lot of damage to buildings, automobiles, machinery, roofs, and much more every year. And the diseases they may cause are also quite dangerous.

Following are 4 reasons it’s bad to have excessive pigeon droppings anywhere on your home:

1. Diseases

One of the primary reasons you don’t want pigeons nesting in your roof is that their droppings can cause a lot of harm to your health. They carry a number of serious diseases. For instance, direct contact with pigeon droppings can cause you to have Histoplasmosis, which can cause many serious symptoms such as chest pains, fever, etc. Some other diseases caused by them include Psittacosis and Cryptococcosis. Most of the diseases can be transferred via direct contact with the droppings, for example when you are cleaning them up. However, there are some that can happen due to simply breathing anywhere in the vicinity.

2. Roof Damage

Pigeon droppings are quite acidic in nature. They can eat away almost any substrate, particularly tar-based roofing material. If these droppings accumulate on your roof with the passage of time, then they will eat into your roof’s material and ultimately cause leaks. A light, continuous application of pigeon droppings can cut the life expectancy of a warehouse roof in half.

3. Damage to the Paint of Your Car

Your car is also vulnerable to the effects of pigeon droppings. They can have permanent impact on your automobile’s paint. As mentioned above, pigeon droppings contain a lot of acid. This acidity is enough to permanently damage your vehicle’s paint. If not cleaned immediately, the droppings can erode the paint on your vehicle, costing you a lot as you would have to get a new paint job. Keep in mind that the droppings will do more damage if allowed to sit on the paint for a longer period. That’s why cleaning them up immediately is highly recommended.

4. They are Bad for Solar Panels

While you might think that your solar panels would be safe as they are installed on a sloped roof and any dust, debris, or bird droppings they collect would eventually be washed away by the next rainfall, you are wrong. Pigeon droppings are disastrous for solar panels. You don’t want to wait for the next rainfall in order for them to wash away because their impacts on solar panels are instantaneous. Also, a few light showers won’t be enough to wash them away to be honest.

Some of the problems posed by pigeon droppings to solar panels include the following:

  • They block sunlight from reaching certain spots on solar panels

As you may expect, pigeon droppings will prevent your solar panels from being fully efficient, hence preventing you to cut down energy costs as expected.

  • They can cause permanent damage to solar panels

Just as their impact on your car’s paint, pigeon droppings can cause permanent damage to your solar panels. If they sit on your panels for too long, they will reduce their performance and will lead to undesired outcomes.

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