3 Ways Not to Clean Your Solar Panels

3 Ways Not to Clean Your Solar Panels

3-ways-not-to-clean-your-solar-panelsSolar panels are a fantastic source of renewable energy. Affordable to install and easy to maintain, there are many advantages homeowners can expect from investing in a set of quality solar panels for their property.

Maintaining solar panels couldn’t be easier. They only need to be cleaned a couple of times a year, with rainfall doing most of the cleaning for you, meaning there is very little need to go up on your roof and clean the panels.

However, there are instances where you are going to need to clean your solar panels. Dirt and dust can quickly accumulate, causing the panels to become less efficient, so you’ll need to roll your sleeves up and get them cleaned.

It’s worth remembering that there are specific ways to clean solar panels. Using the incorrect cleaning method can end up permanently damaging the panels. So always make sure you clean them right!

Here are 3 ways not to clean your solar panels:

1. Use a Pressure Washer

Pressure washers are great for cleaning the exterior of your home, including the roof and gutters, but it should never be used on solar panels. Yes, their high reach and pressure makes cleaning large sections of solar panels much easier but doing so runs the risk of damaging the panels.

So, never use a high-pressure washer to clean your panels!

2. Hard Bristle Brushes

One of the best techniques for cleaning a solar panel is rather simple – use a brush and soapy water! However, you need to ensure you use the correct type of brush, which should be a soft bristle brush, as these prevent any damage to the surface of the panels.
Hard bristle brushes could do the opposite, causing surface damage that impairs efficiency or even prevents the panels consuming energy. Never use a hard bristle brush, even if you plan on going gently, as it will more than likely cause lasting damage.
A soft sponge or cloth works best, and you can also use a squeegee to get rid of streaks if necessary.

3. Strong Cleaning Fluids

It’s easy to assume that stronger cleaning fluids work better on solar panels, as some of the dirt and grime can be quite hard to remove. However, using cleaning materials with strong ingredients may damage the glass panels and significantly reduce their efficiency.
Instead, look to use liquid soap for washing dishes – avoid anything with high alcohol content.

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