4 Important Safety Tips to Remember if You Have Rooftop Solar Panels

4 Important Safety Tips to Remember if You Have Rooftop Solar PanelsRooftop solar panels are a fantastic investment for homeowners. Providing a renewable source of energy from the sun, solar panels can save you lots of money from lowered energy bills while also having a positive impact on the environment.

Of course, you’ll want to take the time to properly clean and maintain your solar panels, which means it’s important to consider your own safety when doing so.

Here are 4 important safety tips to remember if you have rooftop solar panels

Take Extra Caution When Cleaning
Solar panels require very little maintenance but you do need to clean them, preferably once or twice a year. Cleaning solar panels is dangerous because you are working on top of your roof, so you want to have necessary equipment to safely get to and from the roof.

When cleaning, make sure you have a harness and safety helmet, along with a ladder or scaffolding to access the roof. Always slowly clean each panel, watch for slippery spots after rinsing the panels, and try to be mindful of the weather – stop working if things get too windy or rainy.

As you can see, cleaning solar panels is not the safest task, which is why it is always better to hire a professional solar panel cleaning company. They’ll have necessary safety gear and suitable cleaning equipment, making them the best option for maintaining your panels.

Avoid Touching Them When Turned On
This should be a no brainer but is worth reiterating – never handle solar panels when they are turned on. Remember, the panels are generating electricity and distributing it to the power grid, so thousands of volts are coursing through the solar panels whenever they’re on.

Not only can the electricity injure or even kill you, it could also cause a fire in your property, which is why you must ensure the power is turned off whenever you’re cleaning or inspecting them. In fact, never go on your roof unless your panels are switched off!

Do Not Tamper with the Power System
Solar panels are simple to turn on and off but this should be your only interaction with the power system. Be certain you know how to turn them on or off, which should be straight-forward enough from a marked box, but if you’re ever unsure contact the installation company for help.

Beyond this, never touch or tamper with the power system in any way. If there is some sort of fault, call the installers to have them send a professional out. You never know where there could be loose wires or faults, so never touch the system unless switching on and off.

Take Precautions During Extreme Weather
Rooftops can be extensively damaged by extreme weather conditions, so your solar panels may be a risk if your area is hit by a storm. Hailstones, high winds, and heavy rainfall can damage panels and the electrical systems, which is why it is important to disconnect the system should the weather take a turn for the worse.


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